The Mercedes-Benz Mobility strategy: Our pathway to the future

We are a driving force in our sector, and we are firmly focused on the major trends of our time: electrification, sustainability, digitalisation and artificial intelligence. We have a clear ambition:

»By 2025, we will be the number one financial and mobility service provider for luxurious driving in the electric era and a shining star in the MB universe.«

We want to be the company of choice for our customers — not only for financing and leasing contracts but also for fleet management and flexible rental and subscription services as well as insurance and other vehicle-related services. Our strategy focusses on our customers. We offer an ecosystem that revolves around their mobility and is tailored to their needs.

How are we doing this?

  • We think electric.
  • Through our services we seamlessly connect to the luxurious experience that the Mercedes-Benz Group offers our customers with its cars.
  • We’re fast when it comes to digitalisation and automation.

Our five strategic action fields

Five strategic action fields define our strategic direction.

We enable a seamlessly integrated customer experience

In the years ahead, Mercedes-Benz plans to sell more and more vehicles online. Our mobility services should therefore be completely integrated into the digital brand experience. As a result, customers will be able not only to buy their preferred vehicle online but also to obtain financing, leasing and insurance online.

We support the sustainable transformation to electric mobility, and our products generate additional service income

When a leasing contract expires, we actively inform our customers that they can switch to an electric vehicle. Our rental and subscription services make it easier for people to use electric cars without making a long-term commitment. The switch to electric mobility is made even easier by our charging and payment services.

We are automating and digitalising our internal processes

Our product landscape will be harmonised internationally. In addition, we want to systematically automate our internal processes and thereby simplify and accelerate them. To this end, we are intentionally forming technology partnerships in order to make a best-in-class digital customer experience possible.

We are evolving into a data-driven company

Luxury-class mobility services are data-based mobility services. That’s why we are developing the necessary teams and skills so that we can gain an even better understanding of our customers’ needs and align our services with them even more precisely.

We are enhancing our high-performance culture

Our values remain the lodestar for the further development of our corporate culture. The central tenets of our cooperation are openness, integrity and respect, focus on the customer, financial and social responsibility, diverse and motivated employees, the will to achieve top performance and the commitment to more sustainability.

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