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Pay directly from the car: Mercedes-Benz Mobility integrates Mercedes pay’s in-house digital ePayment platform into a large number of applications of the Mercedes-Benz Group. The platform supports numerous processes, including in-car payments, as well as payment processing via app and in the web shop.

Mercedes pay serves as our in-house knowledge hub around payment solutions and implements state-of-the-art and innovative payment methods for Mercedes-Benz. The platform enables payments for Mercedes-Benz e-commerce products and services in the Mercedes me store, in the Mercedes me app and via the MBUX multimedia system directly from the car.

To make it as easy and convenient as possible for customers to use services such as parking, charging or refueling, Mercedes-Benz also offers in-car payments provided by its own digital platform Mercedes pay. Mercedes pay serves as an interface to payment service providers and credit card schemes. The driver starts and pays for the parking, charging or refueling process via the MBUX infotainment system.

In-car payment guide

In-car payment, paying with your car, e-commerce - Need a general overview? In our In-car payment guide, we've compiled the most important information and trends.

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Digital extras and on-demand upgrades

Mercedes pay enables the payment processing for Mercedes me connect services. Customers can purchase these services in the Mercedes me store, in the Mercedes me app or via the MBUX multimedia system in their car. Services range from connectivity apps to software upgrades such as advanced navigation services, hardware upgrades or other useful applications such as key deactivation. All of these can be unlocked on-demand, directly from the car.


We end the hunt for parking meters, change, or the right smartphone app: Mercedes pay makes paying for parking much more convenient. Using the MBUX system in the car or the Mercedes me app, customers can start and terminate the on-street parking process and conveniently pay for it. Once parking is terminated, the MBUX displays the actual parking fee to the driver. In the background, Mercedes pay enables the processing of the parking fee. With this easy and effortless payment experience, we make Mercedes-Benz customers’ lives more convenient. For off-street parking in car parks, users can easily pay for their park tickets directly via the MBUX display in the car. To do this, they select their check-in and check-out times for the car park. The total costs are displayed and the user can confirm the booking. The driver then receives a QR code which he scans at the barrier when he arrives at the car park to gain entry if there is no automatic number plate recognition.


Only in Germany there are hundreds of charge point operators. They all have different access cards or their own charging apps and, of course, different tariffs and prices for the kilowatt hour of electricity. Mercedes-Benz is making it easier for customers to access charging points and has brought together over 1,200 charge point operators in its Mercedes me Charge network. Mercedes me Charge offers access to one of the largest public charging networks with more than 1.6 million charging points worldwide, and more than 500,000 in Europe. The charging stations in this network are located in cities, at shopping centres, hotels or along motorways. The Mercedes me app and the MBUX multimedia system show the exact position, current availability and price of the selected charging station in advance. Mercedes me Charge customers benefit from the charging contract stored in the system. With maximum cost transparency, Mercedes-Benz offers its customers the option of charging at a fixed price. At the charging station, authentication takes place via the Mercedes me Charge card, the Mercedes me app or directly via MBUX in the vehicle as well as via Plug & Charge. Every charging process is automatically debited - even abroad. All charging processes are automatically billed on a monthly basis.


With Mercedes me Fuel & Pay waiting in line at the gas station’s cash register is also no longer necessary: When a driver reaches a connected service station and switches off the engine, the Mercedes me Fuel & Pay service will start automatically on the MBUX infotainment system. Once started, the driver can simply select the appropriate gas pump. Even before refueling, the system will calculate the maximum total amount based on the current fuel price and the amount of fuel when the tank is full. By scanning a QR code on the MBUX display, the driver authorises payment via smartphone. The fuel charge is then debited from the customer's payment card, which has been stored in their Mercedes me profile. In Germany, this process is even more convenient and seamless thanks to the integration of the native in-car payment Mercedes pay+. Instead of releasing and thereby completing the payment via a mobile device, the driver is now seamlessly authenticated via fingerprint. After refueling, the driver will see the amount of fuel refueled and the invoice amount on the MBUX display. Payment will be made automatically and the driver will be able to leave the gas station without having to walk to the checkout area. The invoice is then sent to the customer by e-mail.

Mercedes pay+

Mercedes-Benz customers in Germany can use native in-car payment for refuelling and for digital services as well as software and hardware upgrades from the Mercedes me Store. This turns tedious two-factor authentication into a seamless payment experience by using biometric authentication via fingerprint: customers no longer need to enter a password or scan a QR code with their smartphone. The Delegated Authentication and Network Token technology by Mastercard and Visa for online payments allows the vehicle to become a payment device that enables two-factor authentication.

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Connected cars and the future of payment services

The future of mobility is flexible and connected. Our lives become more digital each day, and connected vehicles are an integral part of this. We use smart homes, smartphones, smart watches – connected cars that cater to our need for personalization and flexibility are the logical, next step. However, digital services can be established only if they are based on modern payment solutions. Mercedes pay enables the secure payment processing for Mercedes-Benz e-commerce products and services wherever the customer is located with reliable payment partners. We want to offer our customers not only an exclusive, but also a secure service. Especially when it comes to payments and data, customers can rely on us as a trustworthy partner.

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