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Pay directly from the car: Mercedes-Benz Mobility integrates Mercedes pay’s in-house digital ePayment platform into a large number of applications of the Mercedes-Benz Group. The platform supports numerous processes, including in-car payments, as well as payment processing via app and in the web shop.

Mercedes pay serves as our in-house knowledge hub around payment solutions and implements state-of-the-art and innovative payment methods for Mercedes-Benz. The platform enables payments for Mercedes-Benz e-commerce products and services in the Mercedes me store, in the Mercedes me app and via the MBUX multimedia system - also directly from the car. Cardholders with an eligible* Visa credit or debit card can use native in-car payment by linking their card with their Mercedes me user account and activating Mercedes pay+ in the vehicle via MBUX. The following video shows, how this works:

Subsequently, more card systems will be added and enabled for Mercedes pay+. Eligibility of payment card is subject to the card issuing bank, not Mercedes. Some steps of 3DS authentication are skipped. Complete journey depends on the issuing bank.

Since March 2023, Mercedes-Benz customers in Germany can also use so-called native in-car payment for digital services as well as software and hardware upgrades. This turns tedious two-factor authentication into a seamless payment experience by using biometric authentication via fingerprint: customers no longer need to enter a password or scan a QR code with their smartphone. Visa's "Delegated Authentication" technology allows the vehicle to become a payment device that enables two-factor authentication.

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Mercedes me

Mercedes pay enables the payment processing for Mercedes me connect services. Customers can purchase these services in the Mercedes me store, in the Mercedes me app or via the MBUX multimedia system in their car. Services range from connectivity apps to software upgrades such as advanced navigation services, hardware upgrades or other useful applications such as key deactivation. All of these can be unlocked on-demand, directly from the car.

Pay for parking fees digitally

We end the hunt for parking meters, change, or the right smartphone app: Mercedes pay makes paying for parking much more convenient. Using the MBUX system in the car or the Mercedes me app, customers can start and terminate the on-street parking process and conveniently pay for it. Once parking is terminated, the MBUX displays the actual parking fee to the driver. In the background, Mercedes pay enables the processing of the parking fee. With this easy and effortless payment experience, we make Mercedes-Benz customers’ lives more convenient. For off-street parking in car parks, the Mercedes-Benz parking card digitally records entry and exit at selected multi-story car parks in Germany using an RFID chip. This saves tedious maneuvering to retrieve the parking ticket as well as walking to the ticket machine.

Pay for fuel from the car

Waiting in line at the petrol station’s cash register is also no longer necessary: users of Mercedes me "Fuel & Pay" can compare fuel prices at participating petrol stations in Germany and pay for the pumped fuel digitally – without going to the petrol station’s cash register or paying by card at the self-service checkout. After physically fueling up the vehicle, they can get right back into the driver’s seat, check the actual costs for fueling and quickly authorize the payment by scanning the QR-code. Subsequently, the fueling fee is deducted from the customer’s payment card that he or she previously uploaded in their Mercedes me profile. In the future, this process will be even more convenient and seamless, as native in-car payments will be available and payment authorization will be possible with only one touch.

Connected cars and the future of payment services

The future of mobility is flexible and connected. Our lives become more digital each day, and connected vehicles are an integral part of this. We use smart homes, smartphones, smart watches – connected cars that cater to our need for personalization and flexibility are the logical, next step. However, digital services can be established only if they are based on modern payment solutions. Mercedes pay enables the secure payment processing for Mercedes-Benz e-commerce products and services wherever the customer is located with reliable payment partners. We want to offer our customers not only an exclusive, but also a secure service. Especially when it comes to payments and data, customers can rely on us as a trustworthy partner.

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* Eligibility is subject to the card issuing bank and not with Mercedes-Benz.

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