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In-car payment by using your fingerprint

Since March 2023, customers in Germany are able to pay for digital services and on-demand hardware upgrades in the Mercedes me Store using a fingerprint sensor in the car. This so-called "native" in-car payment enables biometric two-factor authentication with the new digital payment service Mercedes pay+. It is no longer required to enter a password or scan a QR code in order to authenticate a payment directly from the car.

Payment processing directly from the car is an essential aspect for an exclusive and seamless customer experience. The global ePayment platform Mercedes pay enables customers to order and pay for digital extras, hardware and software upgrades directly from their car.

Mercedes pay+ will be available in further European markets in the future.

"Mercedes-Benz becomes a software-driven company that provides a digital, seamless experience to customers. Therefore, our digital services have to be intuitive, convenient and secure. This is why we have established Mercedes pay+ as a modern and secure payment solution. As such, we are creating a completely new, enhanced customer experience. By introducing native e-commerce into the car, we are once again pioneers and at the beginning of a promising development."

Franz Reiner

CEO at Mercedes-Benz Mobility

The technology behind Mercedes pay+

Mercedes-Benz is the world’s first car manufacturer using Visa’s Delegated Authentication and Visa Cloud Token Framework technology to enable secure native in-car payment.

Visa Cloud Tokens provide an extra layer of security in this process as they protect and encrypt sensitive payment information by converting and securely storing data.

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