Renting a Mercedes-Benz vehicle: Flexible driving pleasure
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Renting a Mercedes-Benz vehicle: Flexible driving pleasure

We deliver driving pleasure — through Mercedes-Benz Rent, our Group-owned car rental company, which ensures that our customers are always mobile. Whether you spontaneously decide to make a weekend trip or are on the road with lots of luggage, at Mercedes-Benz Rent you’ll find the right rental vehicle for every occasion. Our premium auto rental service also has the right solutions for business customers who need to cover long periods of peak demand, require a vehicle for business trips or need a company car at short notice, for example.

Depending on the market, the rental fleet of Mercedes-Benz Rent includes models from all vehicle classes and model series of Mercedes-Benz and smart. The all-electric EQ models EQA, EQC and EQV, as well as the high-performance AMG models, are also included in our offer. Our Group-owned premium rental platform, Mercedes-Benz Rent, is expanding both inside and outside Europe. It can already be easily accessed online in eight countries on three continents.

Our rental products are available if a customer needs access to a certain model from Mercedes-Benz for a limited period of time. This might be a substitute for a currently used car, a solution to bridge the period until one’s next car is available, or a way to access a new vehicle or a new drive technology and experience it in daily use. Every rental is also a test drive that enables the customer to experience the Mercedes-Benz brand as well as specific models.

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