For a fully electric future
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For a fully electric future

In an all-electric future, charging will be part of driving. The same aspirations we have for our vehicles in terms of standards, quality and premium experience also apply to charging. That's why we want to make the charging experience as easy and convenient as possible for our customers.

Our goal at Mercedes-Benz is to offer our customers a seamless end-to-end charging experience. Starting with the vehicle itself and with all the options our wide range of charging services has to offer.

With the development of our global Mercedes-Benz Charging Network, we are massively expanding the range of high-power charging points and will set new standards for fast, convenient and green charging of electric vehicles. We plan to establish more than 2,000 Charging Hubs in North America, Europe, China and other core markets by the end of the decade. This will then total more than 10,000 charging points, which can be expanded depending on market demand. The Mercedes-Benz Charging Network will be open to all vehicle brands, and Mercedes-Benz customers enjoy special benefits, for example the reservation function to reduce waiting times via the Mercedes me Charge service, which will be seamlessly integrated here.


With Mercedes me Charge, Mercedes-Benz already offers its customers access to one of the largest public charging networks, comprising more than 1.6 million charging points worldwide. Thanks to full integration into the vehicle, the optimal route to the destination is suggested in combination with the intelligent range assistant. Charging stations along the route are taken into account. In this way, the driving and charging experience can be simplified for customers and adapted to individual preferences via filters.

At the same time, the range assistant takes over energy management in the vehicle and offers time-efficient charging stops to get to the destination as quickly as possible. In the Mercedes-Benz charging network, the system will also ensure in the future that our customers can immediately access the reserved charging point at the desired time via a reservation function.

Become part of the Mercedes-Benz Charging Network and open a Mercedes Benz Charging Hub

In addition to the electrification of our vehicles, the charging experience of our customers also plays a decisive role. With our global charging network and the establishment of our Charging Hubs, Mercedes-Benz is underlining the path of its "Electric Only" strategy. In order to grow further and expand our network, we are looking for new partners and suitable locations.

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Charging at home and in the business area


In addition to our activities in the public charging area, we are also driving forward the fields of charging at home and in the business sector. With our Mercedes-Benz Wallbox, we enable our customers to charge where it is most convenient: at home. In doing so, the Mercedes-Benz Wallbox charges e-vehicles and plug-in hybrids quickly, intelligently and conveniently. In certain markets, customers can also finance or lease their wallbox through the respective Mercedes-Benz Mobility regional subsidiaries.

On the way to a fully electric future, bidirectional charging (V2X) is considered key for Mercedes-Benz. In combination with smart charging solutions for private households, customers can reduce their CO2 consumption as well as their costs or increase their own independence.

With bidirectional charging, electricity flows in two directions. The e-vehicle draws power from the energy grid and is charged but can feed the power into the grid (vehicle-to-grid, V2G) or the home (vehicle-to-home, V2H) as needed.

Vehicle fleets are also playing a key role in shaping the all-electric future. For our business customers, we are therefore working on several elements of our charging solution offering, including, for example, dedicated consulting support, installation of the charging infrastructure, and corresponding financial services.

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