Flexible and transparent: This is leasing at Mercedes-Benz Mobility
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Flexible and transparent: This is leasing at Mercedes-Benz Mobility

Mercedes-Benz Mobility AG makes leasing flexible and plannable. When you lease a vehicle, you maintain your financial leeway, yet always drive exactly the car that best meets your current needs. With leasing, you pay a monthly amount for the use of the vehicle. These monthly rental payments are defined before you sign your leasing contract.

Before the start of the leasing period, you estimate your annual mileage and decide how long you want to lease the car of your dreams. You can also reduce the amount of your monthly payments by paying an advance rental at the beginning of your leasing period. Leasing periods generally range from 24 to 48 months. After the end of this period, you return the vehicle and have the option of leasing a new model. That enables you to regularly benefit from new technologies and design innovations.

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Advantages of leasing


The purchase of a new vehicle puts a strain on the budgets of private households and also prevents companies from investing in other areas. When you lease a vehicle, attractive rental payments enable you to maintain your financial leeway and react flexibly to any change in your circumstances.

Transparency and planning security

The annual mileage, the leasing period, the advance rental, and thus the rental payments are defined in your leasing contract. That way you know exactly how much you will need to pay each month. The leasing period, which is generally between three and four years, is defined in advance, thus giving you a reliable basis for planning.


A sporty coupé for singles and young couples, or a larger vehicle for families? Not everyone wants to be pinned down, and sometimes it’s good that way. If you lease, you can flexibly change vehicles in line with ongoing plans for your life and your family. Because of the limited duration of leasing contracts, you can react quickly to new circumstances.

The latest technologies

Because a leasing vehicle is generally kept for only a few years, you can benefit from the technological innovations that are incorporated into every new generation of vehicles. Whether it’s the latest drive system technology, safety features or improvements to infotainment systems — thanks to leasing, you’re always up to date with the latest technological developments.

Carefree driving

Supplementing your leasing contract with service components such as maintenance and warranty packages means never having to worry about anything when you’re on the road. That’s because our service packages cover all of the costs associated with vehicle services and wear and tear. You can also take advantage of the insurance packages from Mercedes-Benz Mobility to make sure you’re fully covered. The charges for services and insurance are included in your monthly rental payments, so all of your costs remain clear and transparent. We also offer service leasing and insurance packages for used vehicles.

No residual-value risk

Mercedes-Benz Mobility offers you carefree mileage leasing. When your contract ends, you return the vehicle to the leasing company and simply lease a new vehicle. The leasing company is responsible for the resale of the vehicle, so you don’t have to worry about the car’s residual value. What’s more, if you’ve driven less than the amount agreed at the start of your leasing period, we refund part of your leasing costs. If you’ve driven further than was agreed in the contract, a follow-up payment will be due.

Tax advantages

Business owners and companies also benefit from leasing, because tax laws allow them to deduct their monthly leasing payments as a business expense. The amount of any advance rental at the start of a leasing contract can also be deducted in the year that you make the payment.

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