Payment services — seamless, convenient and secure
What we do

Payment services — seamless, convenient and secure

Mercedes pay GmbH as subsidiary of Mercedes Benz Mobility AG operates our in-house digital ePayment platform. Acting as the knowledge hub around digital payments, it plays an integral role in the mobility and digitalization strategy of Mercedes-Benz Group AG.

Mercedes pay was first launched in 2018 in selected markets. The platform is now active in more than 40 markets, where it enables transaction processing for Mercedes-Benz e-commerce products and services on a global scale. Depending on the market, this includes transactions via the Mercedes me connect store, the Mercedes me app, in-car payments or online down payments for vehicles as well as vehicle payments in full.

Our mission

Mercedes pay enables seamless, convenient, and secure payments for the entire Mercedes-Benz ecosystem. Why? A seamless user experience at any stage in the customer lifecycle is our definition of luxury. Knowing your data is secure while effortlessly navigating through an absolutely seamless payment process is the experience we want Mercedes-Benz customers to have. This is why we are continuously working on products and solutions that provide our customers with more convenient, yet secure user and payment experiences. Our plans also call for the step-by-step integration of further products and services from Mercedes-Benz Group AG. In the future, customers will be able to make all of their payments in the Mercedes ecosystem by means of one payment profile, whether they are buying a roof box as an accessory, reserving a rental car for the weekend or making the final payment of a financing contract.

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