2 Strangers for Mobility

Episode 2 with Harry Behrens & Julian Hosp

In the digital world, Blockchain is often referred to as both a cure and miracle weapon. Without question, the technology has many advantages and at the same time, enables financing and mobility processes to become more digital and more secure. But what else is there to consider? In the second episode of the podcast "2 Strangers for Mobility" stay tuned as we surprise the head of the Blockchain Factory, Harry Behrens, as he meets YouTube star for Bitcoin, stocks, gold and Co, Julian Hosp. They will explain Blockchain, where and how it is used for mobility and what challenges we’ll expect to see in the future. It’s a tough discussion- where two experts come eye-to-eye debating on questions such as: What does a naked man have to do with blockchain? You’re in for a surprise.

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