Episode 5 with Stephan Unger & Dr. Peter Renkel

Against the background of the increasing digitalization and electrification of the automotive industry, the business models of the automotive banks are facing major changes. From the customer's point of view, speed and transparency are also trumps in vehicle financing and leasing. In particular younger customer groups want to complete the process as quickly and online as possible, from the request to credit check, legitimation and signature to the payment/takeover. The impact of the Covid 19 pandemic has accelerated digitalization and led to an increase in online sales. At the same time, digital distribution channels cut the direct connection between customer and retailer. Regardless of this, user behavior is also increasingly changing from a permanent purchase of a vehicle to a needs-based, time-limited mobility solution. What is the role of mobility services? How is it possible to secure the direct contact to the customer? How will the business model of automotive banks evolve over the next few years?

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