2 Strangers for Mobility

Episode 6 with Benedikt Schell and Robin Schmid

If you are looking at the topics of sustainability and mobility of the future, you can't miss out on e-mobility. While some of us are already enthusiastic electric car drivers, others still have doubts and concerns about the new technology. With his YouTube channel "Robin TV Blau", Robin Schmid has set himself the goal of cleaning up myths about the topic and inspiring people for e-mobility. In this episode he meets Benedikt Schell, CEO of the Mercedes-Benz Bank. As captive, Mercedes-Benz Bank plays an important role in making electric mobility possible for our customers and bringing electric vehicles from the Group onto the road. Both guests openly discuss what hurdles still exist and what they can do in their respective roles to minimize these hurdles. The result is an open discussion about charging station management, holidays with an electric car, conditions for the change to e-mobility and how to become an e-mobility blogger.

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