Office of CIO “Global Markets”

“Throughout my career, I cannot recall a single day that was not filled with exciting tasks.” – That is a quote by our colleague Sitaram Panse, who has been working at Mercedes-Benz for the last 17 years.

Currently, Sit is working in the CIO (Chief Information Office) Global Markets office at Mercedes-Benz Mobility, where he supports global markets to transform the IT to provide the best luxury experience to our customers. His primary responsibility involves cooperating with the CIOs of different markets and all relevant stakeholders at headquarters to define common goals and ensure their successful implementation, followed by operational excellence.


“At Mercedes-Benz, we want to create the world's most desirable cars. My role in achieving this objective is to ensure that our customers are thrilled by the customer experience we offer through our financial and mobility services. I am a firm believer in our team's motto, TECHMOVEUS, as it represents our team spirit and our motivation.

Our team comprises colleagues from 24 countries, spread across diverse continents. This wide range of backgrounds and perspectives is a key source of our strength, as it allows us to learn from each other, share insights, and deliver services that empower our business.”

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