Lead Data Scientist

“I am a Lead Data Scientist in the Algorithmic Forecasting & Smart Applications team at Mercedes-Benz Mobility.

In my role, I scout for new technologies and developments in the field of artificial intelligence. I also develop and implement new ideas to improve the speed and accuracy of our forecasting. For this purpose, we created our own forecasting machine - we call it ‘Merlin’. Thanks to artificial intelligence Merlin allows us to look into the future - no magic ball needed. :-)

I personally see working here as a great opportunity, because I can apply data science to challenges in the finance area of the automotive industry. With the developed cases, we support our colleagues with effective mathematical solutions, and I personally like seeing results right away.


I am happy that after my doctorate in theoretical physics and spending some time as a researcher in France, I continue to have the opportunity to develop solutions for different use cases.

To everyone who is interested in this topic here is my advice: be patient, focus on out-of-the-box solutions, be open to learning new things, and never rely only on what you have already learned.”

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