Luise Krämer

IT Project Lead

“Hey there. My name is Luise. I am the IT project lead for a transformation project, which will allow us to provide our customers with credit sales processes of a true luxury experience. The new process is both highly efficient and fully integrated into the Mercedes-Benz IT and process landscape. This is a further step in the direction of becoming a fully tech-driven company.

I never studied IT. However, after my trainee program at Mercedes-Benz almost 15 years ago, I started working in the field of digitalization. I gained a lot of international working experience as a senior project manager in various countries, such as Italy, the Netherlands and China. With this knowledge, I was able to drive the development of the brand “Mercedes me” within IT.


Since 2018, my job-sharing partner and I have been able to take on other exciting jobs in after-sales digitalization and e-commerce. In the current project, we now have the opportunity to change digitalization at Mercedes-Benz Mobility towards a sustainable future.”

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